Unique Technologies

Evaluate your compound's phenotypes

cost-effective, validated, high-throughput platforms

Electrophysiology assays

  • Fully automated two-electrode voltage clamp system (TEVC)
  • Expression in Xenopus oocytes of ion channels and transporters
  • Target based screening, mode of action and resistance mechanism elucidation
  • Use of whole organisms to perform in-vivo electrophysiology

Organism based in-vitro assays

  • Measure the effect of chemical compounds on fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gastrointestinal nematodes and model organisms (C. elegans and D. melanogaster), including genetically modified strains
  • Machine vision algorithms to assess phenotypes
  • Advanced behavioural assays (3D tracking in flight tunnel, 2D tracking with locomotion compensators) and dynamic concentration exposure.

Custom R&D services

  • Development of protocols
  • Target specific studies with organisms, mode of action studies, synergistic effects, target validation and resistance studies
  • Development of customized software and hardware with focus on robotics and machine vision

In-vivo relevant assays

proven technologies with the latest innovations in genetic engineering

INVENesis proposes a unique panel of phenotypic assays (both on organisms and functional targets).

These assays can be used in combination to perform high or low throughput screening. The flexibility of our setup allows you to identify hits, profile hit compounds and perform lead optimization cycles efficiently. You can also use these assays to identify the mode of action and the possible side effects of a given compound.

Our parasite production methods can be used to efficiently produce drug-resistant strains

Why us?

INVENesis means "the invention process"

Our aim and vision is to fuel your innovations by providing the processes, technologies and scientific expertise to generate reliable results and secure your Intellectual Property.

Automation and miniaturization of our assays provide high replicability at competitive prices with minimal amounts of compounds. With us you get more replicates and high quality data with assays that are scalable up to high throughput screening (HTS).

We can help you with hit identification, perform lead optimization cycles and elucidate modes of action.

We deliver results and the science needed to understand what is going on so that intellectual property can be generated. We base our expertise on 10 years of successful R&D in the Animal Health field with a track record that led to several drugs on the market.

You can benefit from a proven expertise handling large databases of scientific data, assembling, normalizing, consolidating data to make decisions and build successful research portfolios.

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